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Engage in the multicultural community through drumming
• Learn at your own pace
• Attain fundamental knowledge of music theory  

Come experience music through the Afro-Brazilian culture of Batucada. Each member of the class will learn to play various different percussion instruments, new repertoire, and gain musical ensemble experience.


Throughout the year the main curriculum is divided into four units, with each unit focusing on: samba, maracatú, West African, and Caribbean styles. This class does not require any prior music skills or experience; there is a place for all ages and abilities, so gather your love for music and come play drums with us!

SATURDAYS 1:30pm - 2:30pm

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Engage in the multicultural community through drumming



Jeremy’s enthusiasm for music education spans from inside and outside the classroom. He attained a bachelor’s degree in music education in 2011 and then a master’s degree in instructional design in 2020. He has been teaching general music education to elementary students for ten years. 
Jeremy is known for his diverse musical abilities and passion for education. His background in vocal and instrumental studies has enabled him to experience the world through multiple perspectives and lenses. He is also an avid capoeira practitioner and traveler.

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