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This class dives into the basics of both popular styles of dancing Bachata: Traditional ("Dominican") and Sensual. Learn to mirror the rhythms played by musicians. Learn to use your hips and ribcage to work like your feet. This is a great cross-training class for anyone that has taken Salsa Level I. Contactless partner work unless you bring your own partner to in-person class (no partner required).


Dance shoes highly recommended or shoes that allow you to turn/pivot on a hardwood floor.

MONDAYS 8:00pm - 9:00pm Bachata Bliss

FRIDAYS 7:00pm - 9:00pm Monthly Practica

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Your lower body powers the movement to dance traditional and sensual style Bachata



Vanessa Villalobos is a performing artist, choreographer and producer from Lima, Peru. She is the founder of BALORICO dance. She is passionate about transmitting her love of dance and is a tireless advocate for the arts.


Vanessa has presented numerous original works and danced with modern, African and Latin dance companies in Los Angeles, New York, Seattle and South America. Some film highlights are MadHot Ballroom and Walt Disney’s Enchanted where she was a principal dancer.


She received her degrees in Theatre and Dance from the U.W. and earned her Master's in Arts Leadership from Seattle University. Her career success is attributed to the folkloric dance influence she had during her early teen years dancing with the Peruvian Folk Dance Academy and competing in national Traditional dance competitions.


As a certified American Ballroom Rhythm & Smooth instructor, she brings hundreds of Wedding First Dances to life celebrating the first magical steps of committed couples through choreographic services. @balorico (Insta/FB/Twtr) 

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