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Kids Develop Self-confidence and Creativity

In Capoeira class a student develops skills in self-defense, acrobatics, fitness, instrument playing, rhythm and singing, language skills, teamwork, and strategy development all while understanding limits and respect for one another

Capoeira instills the values of responsibility and self-confidence while awakening creativity through the development of self-expression. 



It is time for non-structured Indoor Play!

Book your play day today.

This is open gym- PreK style for kids 4 and younger. This Open Gym features mats and structure for movement play, instruments for musical play, fine motor skill games, and a covered chill out area. (Note: playtime is NOT teacher-led and a caregiver is required to stay with child for the entire visit).

Bookings are now accepted for groups of 4 children or more. Cost is $15 per child for a two hour session. Caregiver and babes-in-arms are free. Contact us to book a slot. We will take care of all the setup and clean up. Just come and have fun!


Get your little one moving in a fun and safe environment all while connecting with your community

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