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Songbirds offers music classes for children ages 0-5 and their caregivers (parents, grandparents, nannies, etc.). 


This model promotes children’s musical growth both in and out of class by providing caregivers with ideas for how to musically engage with children. Musical play at home fosters both musical and relational development. 


Classes are offered in 9-week terms. To get the most out of Songbirds, students should enroll continuously throughout the year. Classes are grouped by age, ensuring that activities are appropriate to students’ current level of musical development. Enrollment is capped at 10 students per class, ensuring that each child is able to receive personal attention and individualized instruction from the teacher. 


8:30am - 9:15am (up to 3 years)

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Learn to musically engage with your child!


Miss Karissa Longo has seven years of experience as an elementary and early childhood music educator. She holds a Bachelor of Music degree in music education from Michigan State University and a Master of Arts degree in music education from the University of Washington. Additionally, Karissa holds a certificate in World Music Pedagogy from Smithsonian Folkways and an Early Childhood Level 1 certificate from the Gordon Institute for Music Learning.

As an undergraduate, Karissa was an assistant teacher for early childhood music classes at the MSU community music school. After graduation, Karissa spent two years teaching Pre-K through 5th grade general music in Northern Michigan. During this time, she also performed with various community ensembles, taught early childhood music classes, and conducted a local church choir.

Since 2019, Karissa has been teaching K - 5 general music in the Seattle Public Schools. She earned her master’s degree in June 2023 with MA papers focusing on English language learners in school music classes and the relationships between music, family, and community, among other topics. As a graduate student, Karissa also performed with the UW World Music Ensemble and Chorale.

As an educator, Karissa is playful, student-centered, and committed to equity and inclusion. Her teaching philosophy is built on the idea that all students are inherently musical and deserve the opportunity to engage with music in ways that are meaningful and culturally relevant to them. Karissa is especially passionate about creating rich musical experiences for very young learners and helping children and their caregivers connect through musical play.


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